Climate control or Air Conditioning.

Climate control or Air Conditioning.

In this article we have explained the basics of modern and ancient climate control or Air Conditioning.

Of course there is so much to learn, so we have also placed some very relevant links that will help you gain a greater understanding when it comes to making a choice about air conditioning Brisbane or climate control in your building in Brisbane.

Split air conditioning systems.

Split air conditioning systems are the most common air conditioning used in domestic situations. The main pump and condenser is located outside the building and blows the hot air out into the atmosphere this also reduces noise from inside the building . The outlet or the air conditioning unit will then be situated inside where it can either transfer heat into cold air or hot air into hot air.

To install a split air conditioning unit requires a fully qualified air conditioning or refrigeration mechanic who has completed an apprenticeship and is fully certified. Refrigeration mechanic will drill holes through walls to run the pipes which will be needed to exchange the compressed gas and liquids that throw flow through the ventilation system that is situated on the outside of the building.

A fully qualified electrician will be required to connect both the inside and outside units to a power source and will often run conduits with wires inside them to stick to strict electrical safety laws applied by the Australian safety standards Association.

Ducted air conditioning systems.

Ducted air conditioning systems work by having a main pump or cooling/heating unit situated somewhere outside the building. The system works by porting large tubes or ducts to various locations throughout the building usually inside the roof where the cool air can be distributed throughout the premises.

Ducted air conditioning Brisbane can also be run beneath a house and the cool air out or hot air comes up through vents which have been installed in the flooring of the building. This system is a much quieter and more effective system but also is extremely more expensive to install and operate.

When you combine ducted air conditioning with alternate air circulation solutions such as ceiling fans or architecturally designed energy-efficient ventilation systems, you probably have the best solution for climate control in any building.

Portable air conditioning units.


Portable air conditioning units work in exactly the same way as a split air conditioning system, except of course the unit is actually portable.

All of the components are contained within the inside of the unit which has a heat exchange port that the user must vent or aspirate, usually through a window or some other opening in the room. Portable air conditioning units are great for heating or cooling a small room or a specific room in a particular house or dwelling. If for example: you are renting a property that does not have air conditioning, you can invest in a portable air conditioning unit so as you can at least cool yourself during Brisbane’s never ending summer and warm yourself during the brief tropical winter climate.

Energy efficiency.


As the world becomes more aware that burning fossil fuels is contributing to global warming in general, people have become more conscious and thoughtful about the amount of energy or carbon footprint that they leave on the planet.

This is why modern air conditioning units are far greater with their energy efficiency than ever before. It has become in the manufacturers best interest to develop a product that is more efficient as the consumer market demands such feature.

Modern architecture has also taken the heating and cooling problem as an energy efficiency challenge within the design of the building. Architecture has its history based on the external look of a building as opposed to its practical and environmental implications. The new School of architecture is focusing less on ascetics and more on functionality as we move into a energy efficient world.

Climate control.

Ever since human beings discovered fire we have endeavoured to control our immediate climate or environment. The concept of being firm LE normal used to be believed to be a figure of about 37°C or 98.6°F.

Although if the external environment is of the temperature similar to the internal thermometer of the human being within plus or minus ratio of about 20% we feel uncomfortable and feel the need to control the climate.

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