Buying A Theragun In Brisbane Australia

Buying A Theragun In Brisbane Australia

The Theragun Australia is the world’s leading percussion massager. Buying a Theragun in Brisbane Australia is an easy option for anyone wishing to experience the recovery benefits of the Theragun. In this article we will discuss the option when it comes to buying the Theragun.

Benefits of the Theragun

The Theragun is by far the most efficient percussive massager on the market. The massager can achieve the same results as a comparable gun on the market in as little as two minutes. The deep tissue massage aids in recovery and its rechargeable power supply makes it totally portable. Many users take the Theragun to the gym with them and also include it in their luggage when they travel. Many professional athletes and beginners alike use the Theragun because of its portability.

Cost Efficient

The great thing about buying a Theragun in Brisbane is you will save on trips to the massage professional. You can also avoid costly physiotherapy appointments by simply using the Theragun after heavy training sessions. You will see that buying a Theragun will pay for itself in no time.

Review of the Theragun


As you can see buying a Theragun in Australia or a capital city like Brisbane is a great choice for the pro or the amateur alike. Think of the hundreds if not thousands that you will save on expensive massagers that don’t actually do the job. Clearly the best choice anybody who is serious about training will need to add a Theragun to their arsenal of equipment.

Here are some specs for the nerds.

  • The G3PRO is scientifically-calibrated to deliver deep muscle treatment, 40 times per second, to relieve muscle tension, accelerate warm up & recovery, & enhance performance
  • 50% quieter with fully redesigned proprietary gearbox & powerful Japanese motor. 2 speeds for customized treatment, Standard (40 percussions per second) & Sensitive (29 percussions per second)
  • 2 swappable Lithium-ion batteries for continuous use, 75-minute run time each.Frame:Professional-grade plastic composite
  • Adjustable arm with 4 angles for an ergonomic full-body reach. 6 unique attachments designed to target specific needs of every muscle group
  • Includes: G3PRO, 6 Attachments w/ Pouch, premium Travel Case, 2 Samsung Lithium-ion batteries, Lithium-ion Battery Charger (Source Amazon)
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