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Some styles that are new to Australia especially landscape design Brisbane are becoming quite popular due to the warm climate in Queensland are the Mediterranean Garden and Subtropical (Rainforest) Garden. The Mediterranean Garden suits modern architecture, and features lots of large areas of hard surfaces in earth colours, with bright contrasts to provide juxtaposition. This makes a great challenge for landscapers Brisbane.

Courtyards are favourable to the Mediterranean style of landscaping, and are neat and ordered in appearance. The foliage is often potted, and accessories are complementary to the theme. Some water features such as wall fountains can be integrated, and plants are the secondary features of the theme, being colourful, low maintenance and in containers as opposed to garden beds.

For people who require a low maintenance surface covering, as opposed to turf, a Mediterranean garden, featuring stone, concrete or pebbled surfaces is a good choice. The choices in these hard surfaces should be either terracotta or sandstone, and have plant choices that reflect the large amount of sun and reflection these areas have. Good plant choices include almond trees, European olives, some citrus choices, the Bismarck palm, brown Boronia and Callery pear. These potted plants will offer delicious scents, whilst creating shade and contrasting foliage.

Mediterranean gardens are hardy, low maintenance yet beautiful, and can allow scope for a lot of architectural features. They lend themselves to the Brisbane climate, and time spent out of doors. For people who are in townhouses, and lower level apartments with balconies and small courtyards, they are also ideal.

A huge increase in popularity of the Mediterranean garden due to its laid back appeal and European influence has increased particularly in south east Queensland. It has a timeless appeal, and can be styled with cues from Spain, Italy, southern-France or Greece. The underlying key principles are light, warmth, simplicity and relaxation.

custom designed gardens in Brisbane.Think alfresco dining under a warm sunlit vine, and enjoying year round low maintenance outdoors lifestyle. They are also incredibly private, featuring walled gardens, overhead shade and comfortable outdoor furniture. The water features are a lovely contrast, offering a cooling effect in the garden, and can range from swimming pools to fountains and ponds, rather than cascading waterfalls or watercourses.

Soft scaping in the Mediterranean garden features plants that require little water, and suit drier climates. These include roses, lavender, olive and rosemary. Often the scents of this flora will permeate the courtyard, offering a delicious invitation to abide outdoors.

Rainforest gardens are also appearing more frequently in Brisbane and these natural style gardens suit the climate of Brisbane also. They offer lots of foliage, and little in the way of structured architectural features. Rainforest plants have delicate root systems and need well-prepared garden beds. Lots of layers of rich mulch help these styles of plantings thrive, and once the plants are established will require a lot less water.

In rainforest gardens, the soft-scaping is the major feature, and the plants are selected according to the style that suits the landscape, and will complement visually in an overall theme. A rainforest garden is a good opportunity for attracting lots of birds and butterflies, and this will add to your enjoyment.

The climate of Brisbane and south-east Queensland lends itself to a wonderful outdoor lifestyle, and gardens that emphasise this. The variety of styles available ensures that something will always appeal to the client, and investing in a landscaped garden will add immense enjoyment and significant value to a home residence.

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