Asbestos is a hazardous material that must be removed.

Removal of Asbestos in Brisbane

Safety & Asbestos Removal Brisbane is still an ongoing service for the citizens of Brisbane. Home for buildings that shelter warmth and comfort, the council of the city capital in Queensland wants to exterminate the hazardous material named asbestos in their buildings and commercial asbestos removal to continue the security and safety of its people.

Asbestos in Brisbane

Prior to the 1900s, there is widespread use of asbestos in the Australian building industry. The building material became famous for its durability, fire resistance, and other defensive mechanisms that most buildings in that era have the material.

Health issues and problems to humans exposed to the material have turned this popularity into dust and called for the removal of such risky material to its building.

According to, asbestos is not just a problem that is limited to cheap “fibro” construction projects from the 1970s. Many building products used for the construction and civil engineering industry are still suspected to contain the material.

Removal groups and other contractors prioritise the asbestos removal in Brisbane, and they are ready and qualified to be contacted by concerned citizens anytime for their services.

Health Risks of Asbestos

The material itself does not have immediate health dangers but the lack of careless handling of asbestos releases hazardous fibres. Any mishandling, breaking, or disturbing pressure even from mundane activities like cleaning and cutting may be considered that careless and no person will be safe from the harmful fibres.

Inhaling what is released causes lodge in the airways, lungs, or stomach and people may be at risk of developing a dangerous illness like asbestosis, mesothelioma, or lung cancer. The risk of getting these diseases increases with the number of fibres inhaled, as well as the length of exposure.

Detection of Asbestos

There is difficulty in identifying asbestos by sight alone, but people can suspect that the building they have may contain the material by knowing when it’s built. Before the mid-1980s, there is a high chance of containment while it is more unlikely that those built after the 1990s to include the material.

According to, specific products containing asbestos include flat, corrugated, or bitumen roofing material, ceiling tiles, vinyl, and thermoplastic floor tiles and backing to vinyl flooring, carpet underlay (Hessian), internal and external wall sheeting, textured coatings, gutters, rainwater pipes, and water tanks, insulation around pipes and electrical equipment, fireproofing around flues and ducts, sprayed on to steelwork and older fire-rated safety doors.

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Removal of asbestos is left to professionals. One should not attempt to even try removing the materials themselves for their safety and the safety of others. One careless move from confident people assuming that removal is easy will be their downfall.

There are many contractors and specialised groups licenced for the removal of asbestos in Brisbane. They are all one contact away and they will ensure that no harm will be done in removing and disposing of asbestos. The work site will be cleaned to ensure that there will be no hazardous fibre in the air.

People’s safety is always the priority.

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