Benefits of a New Bathroom Renovation

Benefits of a New Bathroom Renovation

Renovations in your Brisbane home can add value to the resell amount of the property.  Quote from Fort Interiors renovation specialists Brisbane.

Old bathrooms can be an accumulation of rusty leaking pipes, stained grouting with mildew in tiles, clogged plumbing and bad smells. They can be a maintenance nightmare, and can be dark, unattractive and seriously devalue an otherwise pleasant house.

Demolishing an old bathroom can cause a disruption to the lifestyle of the residents of a home, so alternative bathing and washing facilities should be sought while a new bathroom construction is occurring. A new bathroom construction can take either weeks or days, depending on the extent of the design, and how old the former bathroom was.

The process includes demolition and cleanup of the old bathroom, and placing appropriate supports and foundations in place, possibly new plumbing having to be dug up and installed, and this takes a considerable amount of time during the completion of a renovation bathroom

Old Plumbing Removed Improves Health

Old pipes that carry rust and other materials from the breakdown of old worn pipes are a health hazard to yourself and your family. Similarly waste water carrying pipes that take sewerage and grey water away from the home can leak, have branches invade them and harbour cesspools of disease and bacteria.

A bathroom renovation will place new, easy to maintain, clean and disease free pipes both into and away from your home. This reduces a number of health risks to yourself, and gives peace of mind. Always check the renovation services offered by a builder.

Removal of Mildewed Grout from Tiles

Old tiles and sealant around bath edges that has fallen away, is harbouring mildew and mould, and due to moisture being retained in cracks creates an environment perfect for the growth of bacteria. Mildew resident in behind walls in bathrooms can extend into other parts of the home, causing construction damage from moisture and respiratory illnesses in the family.

When an old shower is removed, and tiling that is full of mildew and mould, hidden disease and other pathogens are removed along with them, and this promotes the foundation for a clean and hygienic new area in which to perform daily bathing.


Hidden Water Damage Dealt With

Sometimes poor home-handyperson bathroom installations, or showers or other fittings that were put in by a novice can cause damage over time from water leaking in behind walls. There have been situations where a shower wall has collapsed, because the former owner-builder failed to put water sealant on the wall, or the taps behind the shower were not installed properly, causing leaks into the wall, subsequently damaging the flooring underneath the shower.

Old bathrooms can lead to a house being deemed condemned as a dangerous hazard, and councils can evict people from their homes if their bathrooms are dangerous. It is worth ensuring that when any construction work is done, that all building foundations are properly checked and repaired prior to a new bathroom being positioned.

If there has been any hidden damage from shoddy workmanship in an old bathroom, having it demolished and a new bathroom renovation put in place will ensure that any further potential damage to the building can be prevented. Any water damage that has occurred to flooring and wall construction can be repaired, and the home owner have peace of mind restored.

A new bathroom renovation not only adds to the value of a house, but it provides peace of mind and protects the home construction.


Experience Grandeur and Comfort in a New Bathroom

A complete bathroom that is installed and designed to be an experience of grandeur and comfort is a choice that will bring pleasure for years to come. New bathroom renovations ensure that maintenance is simple to perform, and the removal of old unsightly and worn fittings makes way for an installation that is a joy and an indulgence for the home owner.